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Subject Portals Updated: January 13, 2017

Dead Sea Scrolls
• Dead Sea Scrolls & the N.T.
• Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
• Isaiah 53 at Qumran
• Melchizedek: Angel, Man or Messiah?
• "Messianic" Texts at Qumran
• "Echad" in the Shema
• Hanukkah & Yeshua
• He Who is Coming: The Hidden Afikoman
• Lies About Jews Changing the Shema
• Predictions of Messiah's Coming in Jewish Literature
• The Shema is Not All
• The Thirteen Principles of Faith
• Yeshua Did Not Hate Jews
• Intelligent Design
• Isa (Jesus) in the Qur'an
• The Pre-Trib Rapture
• "Never Again!"
• UFOs & Aliens: A Personal View
• Why Pray for Jerusalem?
• Yeshua Forgives Muslim Women
• Yeshua Speaks to Palestinian Parents
• 1 John 5:7
• The Divine Council in the Hebrew Bible
• Early Christian Creeds
• The Genesis Plurals
• God Loved Yeshua
• John 20:28: "My Lord & my God"
• Re-enthroning God, the Father
• The Two Lords (of Psalm 110:1)
• What is Monotheism?
• Worship in the N.T.
Hazak haYad
Honest discussions of pertinent topics for Messianic disciples and believers. Everyone else is invited to sit in and read.
New Testament Studies
• As Was Their Custom
• The Davar Became Flesh
• God Raised the Lord
• The Hasidic Mother of Yeshua
• Saturday Night, The First Day of the Week
• The Tzaddikim Who Raised Yeshua
• Yeshua bar Abba
• Yeshua Fixed Them Breakfast
• Yeshua's (the Lord's) Prayer

Hebrew Bible Studies
• Armageddon & the Death of Messiah
• "Echad" in the Shema
• "Elohim" in Biblical Context
• HaShem — The Name
• Mediators in the Tanakh & the Mediator Messiah
• "Palestine" in the Bible
• The Third Day: Resurrection Patterns
• Virgin Israel: Mother of Messiah
• The "Virgin" of Isaiah 7:14

Ruach Studies
• From holy spirit to Holy Ghost
• "Holy Ghost" in the KJV
• The Personhood of the Holy Spirit
Ruach in the Hebrew Scriptures
• Salutations & Benedictions in the NT
• Shepherd Messiah or Shepherd Spirit
• Synonyms of Ruach (A Study in Hebrew Metaphors)
Unless noted otherwise, all articles were written by Paul Sumner.
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